Verona, or Corso Cavour to the Italians, is known as the city of love, thanks to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Close to 800,000 people live in Verona and this gorgeous city is on the Adige river. It is a prime tourist destination in Italy and hosts numerous cultural events and is known as a hotbed for the arts. Whether you want to see an opera, show or go to a fair, you can do it Verona.

Historically, Verona is known as a favorite haunt of Shakespeare and three of his plays are set in Verona. The city is full of interesting Roman architecture and even the name Verona is thought to have come from the Romans. Much of the history of Verona is unknown, but it is known that it became a Roman colony in 89 BC.

Verona is the place to go if you are interested in architecture as it has multiple historical buildings like Roman monuments and buildings. Travelers will want to visit the Arena which is a huge Roman amphitheater. It is still in use as a performance space and is the third largest Roman amphitheater to survive. While the outer ring has some damage, the inner ring is in good working order. If you are in Verona during Opera season, you can attend an opera in the Arena.

Juliet’s House is another treasure not to be missed. This is said to be the inspiration behind the famous balcony love scene in Romeo and Juliet. Castle lovers will want to visit Castelvecchio which is a huge castle on the banks of the river. It contains a large collection of medieval and Renaissance art. Visitors can also explore the castle itself. Verona is rich with history and if you are taking a trip to Italy you will want to make a stop.